Team Bus Policy


For selected tournaments and events the Mat Rats Wrestling Club will hire a bus from the Cannon Falls School District to transport our team to and from events.

Our goal is to provide a fun team atmosphere for our youth wrestlers and their parents alike.  Riding the bus to and from events as a team is a fun and memorable experience for any youth wrestler, and helps to build team spirit and unity.

Wrestlers may only ride the team bus if they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or if prior notification has been given to the team that another person has agreed to be the responsible party for their wrestler(s) during the trip.  It is our intent to provide this as a team resource – but we must guard against the coaches becoming “babysitters” for kids, as they are simply too distracted by the demands of the events to adequately fulfill that role.  For that reason, all wrestlers must have an assigned person on the bus with them (and at the events).

Bus Registration

Each wrestler must be pre-registered to ride the bus with the team.  Registration will be required for each event, on an event-by-event basis.  Registration will be facilitated online in the Schedules area, within the details of each event (click on the event in the calendar to view the details).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How many wrestlers can a single person take responsibility for?

A: We have no limit on the number of wrestlers any person wants to be responsible for.


Q:  Can wrestlers take their own transportation back, after the event?

A:  Yes.  As long as a parent, guardian, or responsible party accompanies the wrestler on the bus to the event, and while at the event, they are free to take their own transportation home as the choose.  We do ask that you notify coaches as a courtesy, so they are not searching for riders upon departure.

Example: Dad rides the bus with Junior to the event, and Mom meets them there later – driving herself.  They all ride home in the family truckster, together.