Match Scoring and Basics

Scoring and Wrestling Match Basics

Whenever two or more kids get together on a soft surface, you can bet they‟ll start “rassling”. The desire to pit their strength, speed and skill against each other is inborn. Wrestling has been around for a long time. Competitive Kid Wrestling, however, has evolved into an athletic art form with rules to protect the athlete.

Wrestling rules tell about how a match begins and ends and which holds are allowed. A great way to learn the rules is to attend a high school meet with your wrestler. It takes 1-2 years for a new parent to become comfortable with the scoring and rules.

The Match: In a match two wrestlers of approximately the same weight and grade compete for 3 one-minute periods. The wrestlers shake hands and face each other in the standing position to begin the first period. In the second period, one wrestler gets their choice on top, bottom or standing position. The other wrestler gets this choice for the third period. At the end of the match the wrestlers shake hands again and one is declared the winner by having their arm raised in the air.

The Objective: Wrestlers defeat their opponent by either a pin or outscoring them by earning more points. A pin, which immediately ends the match, is obtained by holding both of you opponent‟s scapulas (shoulder blades) against the mat for two seconds. The referee indicates a pin by slapping their hand against the mat.

Point system: There are five ways to earn points:
Takedown 2 points
Escape 1 point
Reversal 2 points
Near fall 2 or 3 points
Penalty 1 point

A takedown is the most common maneuver. From the standing position, one wrestler takes the other wrestler down to the mat AND gets behind them to gain control.

To earn a one point escape, a wrestler on the bottom gets away form the other wrestler, getting back to the standing position.

A reversal is when the bottom wrestler immediately goes from the bottom to the top position, gaining control of their opponent.

Near fall is when a wrestler is close to getting a pin. The wrestler on top puts their opponent to their back and holds them with one shoulder on the mat for two seconds (two points) or continuously for five seconds (three points total).

If both shoulders are held down for two seconds, a pin is called and the match is stopped.

Penalty points are rare but are given to the opponent when a wrestler used an illegal move.